Cut the Cheese

Slice and dice cheese to trap mice roaming atop it



Date: 23.04.2018 Author: Jay

Cut the Cheese for iOS brings a familiar gaming format into the mouse hole. Slice off portions of cheese to trap mice scurrying atop it. The play is cute and entertaining and should captivate puzzle fans for a little while at least.

Cut the Cheese has a lot going for it in the presentation department, while the play itself remains very predictable. The app presents in portrait mode to display a wheel of cheese with mice scurrying atop it. Your mission, is to slide your finger across the cheese and slice off chunks of it, trapping the mice onto the smaller portion that remains. Just keep slicing away at the cheese until the predetermined percentage is removed, leaving all the mice scurrying on what little is left. The trick is timing your slices so none of the mice are harmed. The play is very familiar and stems back to Qix from the old arcade days of the 80's. But the addition of cute mice adds a playful element.

The controls employ screen swipes to make the magic happen, and functioned well. The graphics and animation are cartoonish, playful, and sure to bring a smile. The sounds are charming, with just enough punctuation to enhance the play, without being annoyingly repetitive.

Cut the Cheese is decent fun for a little while, though I question how captivating it will remain over time.