Crusaders Quest

Side-scrolling fantasy quest with marginal intrigue



Date: 27.04.2018 Author: Jay

Crusaders Quest for iOS offers fantasy quest play, pitting an array of heroes and villains against each other in head-to-head combat. The presentation has some cool elements, but the play remains solidly cookie cutter. This one is suitable for younger gamers with developing skills, and short attention spans.

Crusaders Quest presents in landscape mode to deliver a fairly rudimentary gaming environment. This one comes off a little like "Anime gone wild", with pixels running amok all over your screen, to present a bit of a hot mess. As the story goes, you are charged with recruiting a team of warriors to join you on a side-scrolling quest. Square off against an array of weird beasts and big boss enemies to engage in shoddy swordplay that's only modestly captivating. The mechanics are highly repetitive and the game is a little all over the place; lacking in any real focus or point. This one suffers from spaghetti mentality; just toss everything at them and see what sticks.

The controls are decent but very simple, requiring virtually no skill. Just tap an array of special power buttons and watch the game unfold on autopilot. The graphics and animation are very crude and choppy, going well beyond retro to present just shoddy pixel Anime sorta stuff. The sounds feature annoying MIDI music that's sure to stick in your mind and haunt you at all hours of the night. The app as a whole is very laggy and suffers from lots of redundant nag screens and tediously slow loads.

Crusaders Quest is decent fun but gets boring rather quickly.