Criminal Case

Solve crimes with hidden object play



Date: 13.04.2018 Author: Jay

Criminal Case for iOS is a really cool hidden objects game, nestled within a CSI plot and presentation. Find clues, solve crimes and uncover the mystery beneath it all. This one is fully evolved with loads of fun that anyone can enjoy.

Criminal Case presents in landscape mode to deliver a fully developed murder mystery plot, nestled within hidden objects play. This one actually comes across a lot like the official CSI app; but is perhaps a tad better, since it's not bogged down by its own mythology. As the story goes, there's been a murder, and right off the top, you gotta search the crime scene for clues, after which, it's off to the lab to analyze what you found and uncover new leads. There's cool forensics and a fully developed plot to keep things interesting. And the hidden objects play has a great zoom control with nice details that are clear and focused.

The controls use screen taps to find objects and pinch zoom controls to get in tight on the scene you're searching. The graphics have some nice details, intrigue, and excellent subtlety that make it easy to decipher the hidden objects from the background, without making things obvious. The animation renders well with just enough action to keep things lively. The sounds added some effective punctuation without stealing focus.

Criminal Case is a quality game presentation all the way around. It's so much more than just another hidden objects game. This one will certainly entertain clear through to the end.