Cookpad Recipes!

Browse and share personal recipes and interact with users



Date: 20.04.2018 Author: Jay

Cookpad Recipes! for iOS aims to connect budding home chefs with each other. You can browse and post recipes, and interact with their respective authors. Ask questions, post pictures, and get inspired to create something yummy in your own kitchen.

Cookpad Recipes! presents in portrait mode to reveal a very simple interface that's centered around thumbnails and minimal text. Just scroll upward through all the offerings to tantalize yourself with delicious looking pictures and imagery that's sure to make you salivate. Tap on any picture you like to bring up details, instructions, and a complete list of ingredients. You can favorite any recipe to add it to your personal shortlist for easy return access. The best feature, by far, was the ability to ask questions to the recipe's author and interact with other users. You'll need to sign up for an account to make the magic happen. However, it's a quick and painless procedure.

The app functions well throughout, though I did experience some buffering issues while some pictures loaded. However, everything is unified to create a consistent presentation throughout the app. The pictures are of excellent quality, and the tutorials are thorough. This app is meant to be used as an in-kitchen companion while preparing these delicious looking meals. The ingredients and procedures are laid out in a clear and plain fashion that's easy to follow.

Cookpad Recipes! is a nice quality app throughout, and best of all, the food looks great.