Chatous - Chat with new people

A sexting app with self destruct photos



Date: 24.04.2018 Author: Jay

Chatous for iOS is another one of those sexting apps disguising itself as an innocent, let's be friends, sorta chat app. This one has some decent elements, but make no mistake, any app that boasts self-destruct photo sharing is all about cheating on your spouse; no more, no less.

Chatous presents in portrait mode to depict a moderately interesting interface, centered around dating and chatting. Sure, the app tries to dress itself up as an innocent conversation amongst online friends, but the truth of the matter is, this app is all about looking for someone to hookup with. How do I know that? Because I know a cheater when I see one, and this app asks up front for you to choose the type of people you'd like to chat with, based on gender and age. If you wanted to strike up an innocent conversation with someone, choosing "male, female or both" and a specific age range need not be part of the equation. Then there's the self destruct images; send them, and once viewed, they delete themselves after a few seconds. Translation: send pics of your "junk" and hope the receiver doesn't know how to take a screenshot before they disappear.

The app functions ok, I guess. It was hard to tell, because people were entering and leaving chat rooms so fast it made my head spin. And after a few minutes of trying to test this app, I started to feel like a cheap ho doing the walk of shame every time I was left hanging in one of those lonely chat rooms. Dating apps are fine, in and of themselves, but when duplicity enters into things, then it's no longer about innocent dating.

Chatous is about duplicitous activity, plain and simple. If you find this app on your spouse's phone, be afraid; be very afraid.