Catan Classic

The terrible app version of a classic board game



Date: 09.04.2018 Author: Jay

Catan for iOS aims to deliver the classic board game of the same name to your mobile device. The play is moderately interesting, if you're into board games; otherwise, it's just a bored game.

Catan is yet another of these classic board games that thinks it has a shot at reliving past glory in app form. And just like so many others, it fails miserably at transitioning itself into the modern gaming era. I liken it to the old days of movies, when the biggest stars of the silent era saw their careers end on the spot with the advent of sound. Not every movie star made the transition gracefully, and so too, is the issue with board games that want to become apps.

This game does virtually nothing to contemporize itself. Basically, this is just the original board game in digital form, with minimal movement, deathly boring animation, and shoddy play. It's ok to remake yourself into something new, as in, a board game that becomes an app. However, you need to be willing to push the envelope beyond your comfy constraints and embrace this new version of yourself. Catan fails miserably at that transition.

The play is centered around a hexagonic game board where you build a new civilization and play against 4 gamers in total. I admire that the app at least features online play across platforms, but that's exactly where the innovation ends. Take a look at Monopoly for a clue: it's a classic board game, but the app is new, modern, and fun; now there's a novel idea!!

Catan should scrap this entire app and start over from the ground up. Stay true to your roots, but deliver it with a modern twist. Anything less, is just delusional.