Candy Blast Mania

A match 3 game with candy coated goodies and cute visuals



Date: 14.04.2018 Author: Jay

Candy Blast Mania for iOS is a tried and true match 3 game that hits all the right notes, but doesn't do it with much intrigue or originality. This game is wholly competent, just not all that imaginative. However, die hard match 3 fans will love it for sure.

Candy Blast Mania presents in portrait mode to deliver a fairly straightforward match 3 gaming environment. You're matching colorful hard candies in this one, and the play is fairly entertaining, but also highly static and one-dimensional. Just make your matches of 3 horizontally or vertically to earn cool power-ups and trigger colorful chain reactions. Reach the target score in the set number of moves to win the round. The game is very nicely put together, but perhaps lacking in any originality. However, it's a tried and true, quality match 3 presentation.

The controls employ screen swipes to make your matches, and functioned well. The graphics are decent but a tad flat and lacking in refinement. The animation is equally competent, but lacking in any real flash and pop. Overall, the game comes across as if it's a little bored with itself. The sounds are lighthearted and pleasing to the ear, however, highly repetitive.

Candy Blast Mania is competent, just not all that inspired. However, it's also fun and solidly entertaining for what it is. There's a lot to like, just not that much to get excited about.