Call of Mini™ Zombies 2

Kill munchkin zombies with copious amounts of blood



Date: 28.04.2018 Author: Jay

Call of Mini Zombies 2 for iOS is a no frills zombie shooter game with loads of blood and nonstop action. Blast the crap outta anything that moves and survive each round to blast another day. This one is sure to entertain zombie shooter fans of all ages and skill levels.

Call of Mini Zombies 2 presents in landscape mode to deliver a highly evolved shooter environment. As the story goes, it's another zombie apocalypse, and your mission, is to shoot anything that moans while searching for yummy brains to munch. The app presents from our hero's point of view, just over his shoulder, as he blasts an array of weaponry, and kills copious amounts of munchkin zombies. The chainsaw was the coolest weapon by far, making it easy to behead multiple zombies with a single swipe. Yes, much blood is spilled in this one, so keep the kiddies away unless you want to scar them for life. There are lots of levels to work through, with big boss rounds that are sure to make your knees buckle in fear.

The controls are simple and effective, using movement and weaponry buttons in tandem. However, it's very easy to get pinned down and swarmed by clusters of zombies. The graphics are playfully irreverent, sorta like those caricature drawings you get done while on vacation. These are some of the cutest zombies I've ever had the pleasure to kill with machine gun fire. The animation is irreverent and graphic; so in other words, fun. The sounds are loud and in your face, so maybe turn the volume down if you're in a waiting room killing time before an appointment.

Call of Mini Zombies 2 is loaded with action and lots of fun to play. I can't say it any plainer than that.