Turn-by-turn fantasy combat that's suitable for kids



Date: 20.04.2018 Author: Jay

Braveland for iOS is a straightforward fantasy combat game with turn-by-turn style play and some mild intrigue. Recruit your band of heroes and set off on a plodding adventure to ward off more boredom than this game induces. The play is competent, just not all that inspired.

Braveland presents in landscape mode to deliver a wholly static combat environment. The coolest part of this one was the interactive map, which played out like a little story book vignette where you meet and greet with other characters that drive the plot forward. Combat takes place at various scenic locales which are laid out on a grid; you vs. the enemy, with turn-by-turn mechanics. Just tap the hero you'd like to move, and a grid overlay opens up, highlighting all the possible spaces that character can occupy. Just tap the space where you want your guy to go, and he's off and waddling. Once he gets where he's going, he'll take a stab or a swipe at an enemy of your choice, and believe me, the mechanics of that are solidly underwhelming. This is the most benign warfare and swordplay I've ever seen, hence why parents should feel confident that this one is kid friendly.

The controls use screen taps to bring on the thunder, and it squirts out like a fart. The controls functioned fine for what little they do. The graphics are actually pleasing to the eye and of decent quality. The animation, however, is another story; slow, plodding and deathly boring. The sounds are decent but can't salvage this mediocre game.

Braveland will require bravery to endure. The play is decent, just utterly forgettable.