Cool puzzle game with moving blocks and overbearing ads



Date: 17.04.2018 Author: Jay

Brainsquare for iOS is a unique puzzle game centered around moving blocks and matching colors. This one requires strategy and logic to conquer, along with heaps of patience to endure the heavy-handed, overbearing ads. Puzzle fans will love this one, if they can stand the tedious presentation.

Brainsquare is a shining example of how to shoot yourself in the foot. First, take a moderately cool game idea, and then bury it under a heap of annoying ads and 20 minute wait times until the entire point of the play is lost. It's called, "how to ruin a game and drive away customers with greed, never to return". Here's a newsflash, developers: you know all those pesky ads websites bombard us with? Well, most people just ignore them and only click on them by accident. So, if you pile a bunch of those into a fledgling game, guess what happens? You annoy the hell outta your potential customers. Displaying ads is a compulsion for a lot of developers, but rarely is it employed with such heavy-handed and fun-crushing tedium. After the initial tutorial, this game literally only allows you to play a puzzle once before asking you to watch videos or pay for play to continue. The mechanics behind the greed utterly destroy any intrigue or fun this game might have possessed.

As the story goes, there's a series of colored blocks onscreen, with little colored pins adjacent to them. Your mission, is to slide and swipe the blocks to rearrange the colors onscreen, and line them up to match their corresponding colored pins. The play is heavy on strategy and trial and error. The problem is, it's hard to learn by trial and error when you're barraged with ads and 20 minute wait times in between attempts. And frankly, there's virtually no reason to pay the hefty price tag for any game when the presentation sucks this bad and is so blatantly manipulative and greedy.

Brainsquare has some intrigue. However, virtually all of it is lost to shoddy game presentation.