Bowling XMas

No-frills bowling at the North Pole



Date: 04.04.2018 Author: Jay

Bowling XMas for iOS is a straightforward game of ten pin bowling at what I imagine to be Santa's outdoor game room. Hurl balls at pins and try to get a strike. The play is decent, but lacks refinement.

Bowling XMas is a charming game of ten in bowling, featuring a full, ten frame game with up to four players. The mechanics and physics are actually decent, but lack refinement and polish. I was thinking this game is far too crude to recommend wholeheartedly, however, I got to thinking and decided this might actually be the perfect holiday game to share with the grandparents and play at family gatherings; where not everyone is a necessarily a technological aficionado. Passing this game from one player to the next, or just huddling around close and playing together, might actually be quite sweet.

The controls are decent; just swipe your finger from your ball upwards to fling it down the lane. The graphics have some playful visuals, like ten little snowmen as your pins, and an array of goofy balls to play with. The animation is ok, but my biggest quibble is, the ball doesn't actually roll down the lane, rather it just slides. Ok, maybe the lane is covered in ice, but it doesn't really look that way. The sounds go for authentic bowling and were effective. I loved all the different camera angles when the ball hit the pins.

Bowling XMas is decent fun. Not the best bowling game I've played, but decent enough.