Bomb de Robber!

Blow up speeding cars with bouncy bombs



Date: 12.04.2018 Author: Jay

Bomb de Robber! for iOS is a funny, retro style arcade throwback. Detonate bouncy bombs on a roadway and try to blow up as many speeding cars as you can. This one has a high replay value, but also gets boring, right quick.

Bomb de Robber! is a silly and irreverent little game that presents in landscape mode to deliver monotonously repetitious action. The game presents a roadway with traffic moving in both directions, horizontally through your screen. It's a fairly busy street, and your mission, is to detonate bouncy bombs, bounding down the street, and blow up as many cars as possible. The trick is, you gotta time your explosions at just the right moment,or it's game over. Why, you may ask, are there bouncy bombs bounding down the asphalt? Because the developers said so, that's why.

The controls evoke screen taps to bring on the boom, and functioned well. The graphics are intentionally crude and pixelated, aiming for retro console gaming of the 80's. The animation is decent, somewhat comical and crude. The sounds are sorta funny, but don't add much to the play.

Bomb de Robber! is decent fun for retro fans of all ages and skill levels, however, it does get boring pretty quick. I enjoyed the playful presentation though, and can see this one finding a devoted audience amongst replay fans.