Block Force - 3D FPS Shooting Game

Minecraft sorta warfare with zero intrigue



Date: 28.04.2018 Author: Jay

Block Force for iOS aims to be an interactive, multi-player shoot 'em up; however, only succeeds in being a hot mess. Run through a pixelated compound and blast competitors before they blast you. Sounds great, if only there was a game worth playing here.

Block Force presents in landscape mode to deliver what looks like Minecraft warfare, as seen from the point of view of your soldier, as he traverses through this blocky, 3D environment. As the story goes, you've been dropped into a compound of sorts, and your mission, is to hunt down and destroy other players with gunfire and grenades. It all sounds cool, but the entire process for just getting the game started is needlessly belabored. However, once you jump through all the hoops, you will be rewarded with... shoddy play. For whatever reason, none of my bullets did a dang thing to my enemies, nor did anyone even seem to notice I was there. No one shot at me, or even gave me a second look. Perhaps I just wore the wrong color camouflage to the ball.

The controls actually worked quite well, with a joystick on the left and weaponry buttons on the right. The graphics were cool, for over-pixelated, blocky looking stuff. The animation was decent; I loved tossing grenades and watching them go boom with satisfying explosions. The sounds were minimal, adding just enough accompaniment for effect.

Block Force shows promise but the presentation is just sloppy. The game needs to be played with live ammo, so to speak, or there's no game here worth playing.