Beastie Bay

An RPG pixel game with moderate intrigue



Date: 18.04.2018 Author: Jay

Beastie Bay for iOS aims to be a retro-looking RPG fantasy quest, set on a deserted island. Build shelter, forage for food, find hidden treasure, and combat rabid crabs. This one may entertain the Minecraft crowd, but lacks any real intrigue.

Beastie Bay presents in landscape mode to deliver a very crude game environment and interface. As the story goes, you're stuck on a deserted island with your cute little doggy, and not all that worried about being lost with no hope of rescue. Place structures to build shelter for yourself and your pooch, and create a new island civilization. There's a lot of uncharted land to explore, where you'll soon discover lost treasure chests filled with loot. You'll also find rabid crabs and enemies out to do you harm. Engage in deathly boring battles that essentially are nothing more than text, giving you the blow-by-blow commentary in dry and boring fashion. This one should entertain kids, because it relies heavily on imagination and almost nonexistent mechanics.

The controls use screen taps to advance through text, place structures, and browse through a moderately populated interface. The graphics and animation are heavily pixelated and intentionally crude, so they don't possess much entertainment value. The sounds added little to nothing to the play.

Beastie Bay has some mild intrigue, but it gets boring really fast.