Bean Boy

Jump a bean as high as you can and reach the stars



Date: 03.04.2018 Author: Jay

Bean Boy for iOS is a simple and addictive replay game with solid mechanics and a playful presentation. Jump a bean as high as you can and collect all the stars. This one requires some skill and patience and is kind of addictive.

Bean Boy presents in portrait mode to reveal a little tiny jumping bean, blinking innocently at the bottom of your screen. He's a cute little guy with a lot of pep in his legume. You see, all he wants to do is jump, and your mission, is to help him get as high as he can. The little guy starts out on the kitchen floor, and all you gotta do, is touch and drag your finger back to take aim, then let go to shoot him up to a nearby platform, where he wiggles and tugs himself up to safety. Just keep going like that, bouncing, bounding, and rebounding our little bean and get him to go as high as he can. If you fall, and you will, you'll drop back down to the floor, collecting stars along the way. Collect enough stars and you can activate the rocket button, which shoots you back upward in a blaze of glory. The play is simple but addictive, and fun too.

The controls use screen slides to take aim and shoot that little bean upward, and they functioned well. The graphics are cute and cartoonish, with a moving background denoting a kitchen and suburban home, all the way up into the ceilings. The animation is mostly smooth with the occasional stutter as the screen filled with bursts of color. The sounds were lighthearted and playful.

Bean Boy is charming and possesses some decent entertainment value. This one is a decent timekiller with good replay value.