A simple-action, vertical climber with heavy replay value



Date: 05.04.2018 Author: Jay

AttackUp for iOS is a decent replay game with some addictive mechanics. This one will entertain for a little while before you get utterly bored with it. It's suitable for gamers of all ages, with limited attention spans and nothing better to do.

AttackUp presents in portrait mode to deliver a pixel gaming environment, of the 8 bit variety. As the story goes, you're a little blocky guy who wants to climb higher. Above you are a series of horizontally moving platforms, with small gaps between them. Your mission, is to jump at just the right moment to slip between those slim gaps and make it to one of the platforms above. Just keep bouncing and bounding, hopefully climbing higher and higher. But be careful, because once you go up, you can't go back down, so this is a one way ticket on a one way ride.

The controls employ left and right screen taps to jump upward to the left or right. The graphics are simple and rudimentary, sticking close to their pixel gaming roots. The animation is minimal but has some decent pixel pops and bursts of color onscreen, adding some much needed dynamics and marginal visual intrigue. The sounds are of the annoying blip-blop variety, but effective.

AttackUp has some decent playability with high replay value. You'll be hitting that replay button again and again before reaching that saturation point that ultimately leaves you flatly bored and uninstalling.