Animal Voyage: Island Adventure

A fantastically cute game of animal rescue



Date: 12.04.2018 Author: Jay

Animal Voyage: Island Adventure for iOS is an utterly adorable game of animal rescue. Forage for lost cuties and play match 3 sorta games to save them and offer a new home in your animal sanctuary. This one is suitable for kids of all ages.

Animal Voyage: Island Adventure presents in landscape mode to deliver a wholly satisfying and pleasing to the eye gaming environment. Right off the top, I gotta love any game that features a cute little red panda. Even better, he's the star of the show and you gotta follow him through the plot of discovering and saving lost and endangered species, so you can give them a safe haven in an elaborate animal sanctuary, built to your exacting standards. I absolutely loved watching the little red panda clear brush to make way through this sorta jungle maze, that's essentially a series of conjoined lost islands. The scenery is very lush and colorful, with a human guide who walks your through the plot and offers instruction on what to do next. Clear brush, build enclosures, and go on an endless expedition to find and save animals as you build up your sanctuary. It's all quite charming and sweet.

The controls use screen taps to make the magic happen and evolve your environment. The graphics have some nice details along with a decent zoom function that brings you in tight on the action. The animation is stupendously adorable and charming, and sure to make any beating heart melt. The sounds offered some nice punctuation and were pleasing to the ear.

Animal Voyage: Island Adventure is just good clean fun for the whole family. Animal lovers are sure to fall hard for this one and it will certainly entertain. Just be careful with the paid upgrades.