Anger Of Stick 4

Beat the living sticks outta street fighting stickmen



Date: 23.04.2018 Author: Jay

AngerOfStick4:REBOOT for iOS is a straightforward game of fight club, starring goofy stickmen. Beat the crap outta swarms of stickmen and spill copious amounts of blood. This one doesn't have much of a point or plot, but it's pretty relentless in its gratuitous violence, so that's something to celebrate.

AngerOfStick4:REBOOT presents in landscape mode to deliver a colorful and playful, no holds barred street fight between angry stickmen. It's you against everyone, in this drag down, knockout fight to the death. The game is a side-scrolling environment, going through the rough and tumble streets of stickville. Your mission, is to beat the ever living sticks outta everyone, and be the last stickman standing. Make it to the end of the level alive, and you'll be rewarded with a treasure chest to open. I actually thought it was fun to just run full tilt to the end of the level and find the treasure chest first, then sit there, waiting for all of them goons to come after me. Once the throng arrives, be prepared for a lynching. I make short work of them all in one big blaze of bloodied glory.

The controls employ directional arrows for movement, and an array of attack buttons to bash heads; all functioned well. The graphics and animation are colorful and cartoonish, with decent renders and some cool combination blows. However, the sounds are sorta crappy and don't match the action onscreen.

AngerOfStick4:REBOOT is decent for what it is. There's lots of action and the head bashing was fun, I'm just not sure how long the novelty will last before it wears off.