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Read Amazon book purchases and personal documents



Date: 23.04.2018 Author: Jay

Kindle for iOS aims to streamline your reading experience. Store and read all your Amazon book purchases, including magazines, newspapers, textbooks and personal documents. The app functions well, but pales in comparison to using an actual Kindle e-reader or Kindle Fire tablet.

Kindle is my single favorite e-reader, however, this iOS version leaves a lot to be desired. The app's most common features remain intact. Translate, define, and search for any highlighted text on the fly. Basic results appear in a popup window, right within the app. You can highlight text with an array of colors and scan all your notes in a convenient, scrolling interface for easy return access. You can change text size for ease of legibility, and the page flip animation was satisfying. I especially liked the bookshelf presentation, which places all of your cloud and local periodicals onto a virtual shelf, which places focus on the cover art and is very pleasing to the eye. Alternatively, you can place all your books on a scrollable list. You can also upload personal PDF documents for convenient storage and return access.

The app functions nicely throughout, but I was surprised to see that you can't actually make new book purchases from within the app. However, all your past purchases automatically populate the app once you sign in with your Amazon account. Your books remain on the cloud until you download them, and your reading progress, bookmarks, and notes are all synced across devices. Sadly, the app does not feature the text to speech function that official Kindle tablets and readers possess; which literally reads books to you aloud.

Kindle pales in comparison to owning an actual Kindle. However, it's still the best e-reader app I've personally used, no matter the platform.