Ace Ferrara & The Dino Menace

Space combat with a better story than mechanics of play



Date: 19.04.2018 Author: Jay

Ace Ferrara & The Dino Menace for iOS is a bit of a mixed bag. It's got a really cool story presentation, however, the action sequences are flat out terrible. This one shows loads of promise but needs to invest a lot more time into the play to do justice to the quality story.

Ace Ferrara & The Dino Menace presents in landscape mode to deliver what's a bit of a hot mess. This game is all over the place, as far as matching up the amusing story with shoddy gaming mechanics. As the story goes, dinosaurs are trying to take over the planet, and you're the rookie who's gonna help save the day. The game presents dueling modes here, with a fully developed plot that features some really nice visuals and a good sense of humor. However, the battle side of things is shoddy at best, with deathly boring mechanics and virtually no intrigue. Fly your space ship, engage the enemy in tragically boring play, then return back to the fun story side of things; where everything is light and entertaining. It's almost as if this game is bipolar.

The gaming controls absolutely suck, plain and simple. Your space ship has a left and right trajectory slider on the lower left, and weaponry buttons on the right. Virtually all of it was cumbersome and tedious to use, and the shoddy action isn't worth the learning curve. The graphics have some nice intrigue, especially on the storytelling side of things. The animation isn't half bad, but doesn't do much; again, a total mixed bag. The sounds added some value to the storytelling side of things, but were virtually benign during the battles.

Ace Ferrara & The Dino Menace is worth a look but still needs a lot more time in the incubator as far as delivering quality action. The story and accompanying visuals are the best this game has to offer.