80 Days




Date: 03.04.2018 Author: Jay

80 Days for iOS scores big points for innovative presentation. Take a trip around the world in this film noir style mystery with a plot that changes based on your selections. This one is fun and has a lot of style.

80 Days presents in portrait mode to deliver a highly stylized gaming environment with iconic imagery and an intriguing plot. Your objective, is to work through this old-time story that feels a lot like a film noir murder mystery. The play is heavily based on striking imagery and text. Basically, you just read through the story as it unfolds and make multiple choice selections at critical plot points that effect the direction of the story and play. This s a newfangled twist on old school RPG mechanics. The play is highly intriguing, mostly due to the outstandingly entertaining visuals, which are simple but effective at delivering visual accompaniment that easily outshines the plot.

The controls employ simple screen taps to make selections and drive the plot forward. The graphics are fantastically entertaining, comprised mostly of still images with lots of flair. The animation is minimal but adds some much needed movement to the text and still images. The sounds feel like a period piece epic, and definitely added to the enjoyment of play.

80 Days is good fun. Literary fans are sure to love the intelligent presentation, while gamers will be captivated by the modern twist on classic RPG.