2XL Racing

Realistic drag racing without the speeding tickets



Date: 13.04.2018 Author: Jay

2XL Racing for iOS aims for realism in this highly detailed drag race game of cool cars, thundering motors, and burnt rubber. The play is evolved, exciting, and loads of fun for racing fans of all ages.

2XL Racing presents in landscape mode to deliver a photo realistic drag race environment, set to urban city streets. The races take place at night, with cool cinematography, glistening candy-coated cars, and glowing hues. This game looks so good, I don't know if I should play it, or lick it until I reach its chocolatey center, filled with delicious goodness. As the story goes, you're participating in nighttime urban drag races between online opponents. Watch the colored traffic lights, rev that engine, and when the signal turns green, stomp that throttle and go for broke. Finesse and perfect shifts are rewarded with breakneck speeds. There are multiple camera angles that get in tight on the action with satisfying precision. This game looks and plays like a big budget Hollywood action flick. There are lots of cool cars to choose from, which can be bought with stacks of virtual cash and fine tuned to your liking.

The controls employ screen taps and presses to engage the throttle and shift gears. Just watch the colored dashboard lights for cues when to shift. The graphics are outstandingly detailed and look great. The animation is as smooth as glass, but does occasionally lag and stutter. And the sounds effectively made me feel like a bad ass, so in other words, they''re awesome.

2XL Racing should probably call itself 4XL racing, because it's just that big on fun. Enjoy!