24me Smart Personal Assistant

Possibly the last personal organizer you'll ever need



Date: 17.04.2018 Author: Jay

24me Smart Personal Assistant for iOS aims to be your one-stop destination for all your tasks, appointments, and to-do’s. This one has a highly modern and evolved interface with an “everything but the kitchen sink” mentality. It has a heavy learning curve, but the payoff is worth it.

24me Smart Personal Assistant has got you covered, 24/7 in all aspects of your busy life. The app presents in portrait mode to reveal a highly evolved and intuitive interface, focused on organizing all your tasks, appointments and to-do’s, in one convenient place. I have seen a lot of organizer apps but perhaps none this evolved and thorough. There’s a reason why they’re calling it a personal assistant, because this app will know more about you than your own mother. To begin, the app will ask for permission to access your contacts, calendar, and a host of other info. If you feel so inclined, you can also link an exhaustive range of personal accounts in an effort to streamline the bulk of your online activity, all in one place. Add bank accounts, internet providers, cable company, you name it. The benefit of that is you’ll be able to manage everything right from within this one app. Personally, I always have concerns about giving any one app too much power over my life, particularly when it comes to bank accounts and financials. However, if you’re willing to dive in head first, this app truly has a lot to offer by way of streamlining your life.

The layout and interface is highly intuitive and pleasing to the eye. The calendar view is nicely presented, with side-scrolling days of the month along the top of the screen, and that day’s events and tasks presented in a vertical scrolling menu below. Empty dates are punctuated with pleasing imagery that just looks nice. The app also features voice dictation for easy entries. Add reminders, connect social networks, and get chummy with the included tutorials so you can take full advantage of all this app has to offer. There’s also a widget for your top drawer that offers easy access to the app’s most important functions.

24me Smart Personal Assistant is expertly presented and invites exploration and discovery. It's just a pleasure to use.