1 2 Crack

Guide a ball through a maze in this intentionally unplayable game



Date: 08.04.2018 Author: Jay

1 2 Crack for iOS is another of those crappy little games that falls solidly into Shovel Dump territory. You're supposed to guide a ball through a maze. But in truth, this game was intentionally designed to be unplayable, rendering it utterly useless and boring.

1 2 Crack sucks, plain and simple. The app presents in portrait mode to deliver a highly simplistic, vertically scrolling maze. Your mission, is to guide a little ball through this maze and get as far as you can. That all sounds like decent mindless fun on paper, in reality, the programming is so intentionally shoddy, that it renders the game virtually unplayable. This is another of those developers hoping to strike it rich with a viral hit, but in the end, the app only succeeds in being an annoying waste of time. The best viral games have something going for them either in the originality department, or in the mechanics of play. This one is just impossible for the sake of being impossible. It's like inviting a friend over to play ball, then handing them a ball you just deflated and wondering why no one is having any fun.

The controls are truly awful, and you can't even blame it on shoddy programming, because they suck by design. The graphics and animation offer virtually nothing to get excited about. The sounds are pointless because there's no game here to play.

1 2 Crack is a complete waste of your time.